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Paradise Found?  Where's Your Utopia?

Utopia was a name coined by Sir Thomas More meaning "no where" in Greek.  But the purpose of this site is to show that ideal places to live can and do exist.  They may only be forgotten or lost lands which only need to be found.  May this site is to help you find your lost horizon.

Plot Summary for Lost Horizon

The classic tale of James Hilton's Utopian lost world plays out amid musical production numbers and Bacharach pop music. While escaping war-torn China, a group of Europeans crash in the Himalayas, where they are rescued and taken to the mysterious Valley of the Blue Moon, Shangri-La. Hidden from the rest of the world, Shangri-La is a haven of peace and tranquility for world-weary diplomat Hugh/Richard Conway. His ambitious brother, George, sees it as a prison from which he must escape, even if it means risking his life and bringing destruction to the ancient culture of Shangri-La.

James Hilton was a popular English novelist of the first half of the 20th century.

Hilton was born in 1900 in Lancashire, England, and found literary success at an early age, his first novel, Catherine Herself, having been published in 1920.

Several of his books found a new audience through film adaptations, notably Lost Horizon (1933), which won a Hawthornden Prize, Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1934), and Random Harvest (1941). Hilton died in 1954.

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Based on the book by James Hilton
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High Lama

There are two movie versions and a Broadway musical of "Lost Horizon" you may find.


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Non-Musical, Black & White
Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt
Director: Frank Capra



Musical, Color Version
Peter Finch, Liv Ullmann
Director: Charles Jarrott
Scenes from the Movie


Opened: June 13, 1956
Performances: 21
Winter Garden Theatre

Shangri-La - theme by Glenn Miller Orchestra

Broadway Musical Comedy
version of Lost Horizon

Lyrics: Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee
Score by Harry Warren


Shangri-LA: The Return to the World of Lost Horizon

by Eleanor Cooney, Daniel Altieri (Contributor)


Opening Credits
Burt Bacharach in Shangri-La
TV special

The Four Coins in Shangri-La

The Shangri Las

Shangri-La as depicted in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


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YouTube: In Search of Myths and Heroes - Shangri-La

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AMCTV - Lost Horizon


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The Shangri-Las

Mary Weiss
Betty Weiss
Mary Ann (Margie) Ganser

The Shangri-Las - Leader Of The Pack The Shangri-Las - Leader Of The Pack Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack (Live 1964)

Shangri-La Online

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"There are moments in every man's life when he glimpses the eternal."
Richard Conrad

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