High Lama

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Look at the world today.
Is there anything more pitiful?
But when has the world known any other time?

What madness there is.
What blindness.
What unintelligent leadership.

A furiously racing mass of bewildered humanity,
strengthening, not in wisdom, but in vulgar passions.
The time must come when evil will destroy itself.
I will not live to see that day.  
But you might my son,
and that is why you have been brought to Shangri-La.

For when the day comes that the world 
begins to look for a new life,
it is our belief that they will find 
their reservoir of hope here.

So here we shall stay, with our books 
and our music
and our meditations.
Here we shall be to guide the footsteps of a weary people.
Here we shall be with our way of life
based on one simple rule: Be kind.
And it is our hope that our brotherly love,
will then spread throughout the world.
And when the strong have devoured each other,
then at last, the meek shall inherit the Earth.

- High Lama, Father Perrault
Founder of Shangri-La