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Toast: Here is my hope that we all find our Shangri-La.

Chang helps Richard Conrad and his crew to find Shangri La in the Himalayas  2.3 megabytes

Fictional books, plays, and movies can inspire us to create a better world.
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"Imagine a place, far away from it all, where people live in peace, meditation, and health. 

In  fact this kind of place already exists, with remarkable parallels to James Hilton's vision of Shangri-La.    

They have even found a way to slow down the biological aging process. 

Welcome to Maharishi's Vedic Cities."

See article in AAA Magazine "Iowa Shangri-La" July/Aug 2005.pdf 

Submitted by R.S., Programmer

Maharishi Sthapatya-Vedic Cities

Fairfield Iowa and Heavenly Mountain, NC

"The Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts were inspired by Lost Horizon with locations in 39 hotels and resorts in 10 Asian countries.

Today, Shangri-La stands as a synonym for paradise. And even though mythical in origin, the name perfectly encapsulates the genuine serenity and service for which Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts have come to be recognized. "

Submitted by A.B., Resort Manager

For those in the U.S. Navy, this aircraft carrier was a paradise.  It had the latest technologies when it was launched and served in World War II.

It served the Pacific Fleet, and was successful in many battles.

After a successful tour of 30 years, this vessel served its country and crew ideally.

Submitted by T.H., Ensign (Ret.)

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has created an ideal living and working environment, featuring the latest computer and high tech components.  It is on the shores of Lake WashingtonClick for Tour

Microsoft Headquarters is also somewhat of a Shangri-La for employees and contractors, with athletic facilities to the the latest technology laboratories.

Submitted by R.S., Computer Programmer

1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA  98039-2328

Shangri-La was the previous name of Camp David

President Franklin D. Roosevelt names the Presidential retreat Shangri-La in 1942.  President Ike Eisenhower renamed it "Camp David" in 1953, after his grandson.

Colgate University is a small liberal arts college nestled in the Shenango Valley of New York.

It's beautiful campus makes a perfect learning and living environment.

Colgate can become more ideal
if not like The Village.

Submitted by A.W.M., Alumnus

13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346

The Village

This village was meant to be a utopian environment for those with state secrets to keep or extract.  However the inhabitants were actually prisoners.  It was featured in the 1967 TV show The Prisoner, starring Patric McGoohan as Number Six.  He was a Secret Agent who retired.  Each episode he tried to escape and resist the tactics of his captors, and the mysterious ruler known only as Number One.

The actual site is Portmeirion, a resort in Wales in the United Kingdom.

Portmeirion view of central plaza.jpg


This is one of the most popular Found Horizons we have received.  These tropical islands certainly give you an abundance of horizon views, as well as one of the most ideal climates found on Earth.

Fabulous Face Island

In the movie 1967 "Our Man Flint", Derek Flint looks for the thieves of the atomic bomb in orbit on the island of Fabulous Face Resort and Spa.  This resort is inhabited mostly by women, undergoing cosmetic treatments.  It also has a cryogenic chamber where ladies can remain young as long as they want, only frozen in time.


Derek Flint in meditation


Shangri-La as depicted in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Planet Baku in Star Trek: Insurrection

Planet Risa is also a favorite vacation spot for the crew of the Enterprise


Bhutan (Shangri-La)
ShangriLa Landscaping

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