Who Is Number One?

"The Prisoner" TV Show
Created by Patrick McGoohan

"Evil Twin Theory" by #73

Patrick McGoohan wanted to leave the identity of Number One as an allegory, so we will still be debating the show 40 years later. It's better for residual income. After all, no one debates who Dr. No is, because it was so obvious in James Bond.

Anyway, my Episode 5 is called The Schizoid Man. Number 6 meets an exact double of himself, Number 12 (Double 6) who is better in many ways, such as fencing and getting the confidence of his girl friend, Alison, Number 24.

There was no mention of plastic surgery, when Number 12 was introduced.  So maybe he was an "evil twin" separated at birth, and unknown to 6. While 6 was climbing the ladder of the British Secret Service, his twin was climbing with the New World Order. It seemed to me that the Double of Six was really Number 1, as he was quite sharp and strong.

It makes sense that Number One would be a man because Number 2 was always saying "Yes Sir", and referring to him as a man.

It is true that Number 12 seemed to be killed by Rover near the end of the episode.  So my theory is that the Number 12 did not really die when attacked by Rover (after all it is just an overgrown fluffy balloon), somehow recovered, and returned in the final Fall Out episode to taunt 6.

This explains why, even after all of Number 6's "unmutual" behavior and repeated escape attempts, he was not lobotomized or killed.  Number One insisted on treating his brother special.  He could not permanently hurt his own twin brother.

This leads to another nagging question...

Who Were the Masters Behind The Village?

Although Number Two resumed his seat in Parliament at the end of the series, the leaders of the Village have an allegiance to a "higher power" than the British Government. 

They seem to be part of the New World Order, a non-elected global government  that transcends all governments and nations.  They are the frequent topic of Alex Jones, radio commentator at PrisonPlanet.com show.

They are alleged to be international bankers and people like the Rothchild family, the Bush family, and members of the Bilderberg Group - the ultra rich people who are really in control of our planet.

They can be ruthless, and may have been the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.  They sell arms to both sides, and want to keep the world perpetually at war.  They will organize false flag attacks to get the public to go to war.  They have the money and power to get ACE Elevator staff to plant nano-thermite explosives in the  www.911Truth.org

So the "Masters" have a vested interest in nations being at war with each other.  The prisoners in The Village were from both sides.  They include people who might "too much peace" and upset the "balance of war" between the nations that keeps the Global Government in power.




Number 1 is found by Number 6 in his rocket

Number 6 pulls the mask off Number 1

The ape mask symbolizes our evolutionary past
an animal tendencies

Number 1 is the evil twin of Number 6
who has gone mad with power.