Scenes from the Movie

Lost Horizon

For promotional purposes only.  All scenes are the property of Columbia Pictures

1. Opening Mountains

2. Mountans, Escape from airport

3. Escape to plane

4. Richard Conway and George Conway radio for help to Colonel Rawley and Bill Ferguson

5. Fire, explosion

6. Pilot Fetter replaced

7. Plane takes off

8. George, Sally, Sam get acquainted

9. Airplane hijacker, crew realizes it is in the wrong direction

10. Crew realizes it is hijacked

11. Landing in desert for refueling

12. Refueling and taking off again

13. Flying high

14. Plane in trouble

15. Plane crash in moutain snow

16. Pilot dead, lights come to rescue

17. Chang's team comes to rescue

18. Hiking to safety

19. Crossing the bridge and tunnel to Shangri-La

20. First views of Shangri-La

21. Entering the city

22. Conway sees Catherine

23. Getting settled in

24. Sally Hughes almost jumps

25. Dancers

26. George Conway meets dancer Maria

27. Dinner with Chang

28. Richard walks with Chang

29. Teacher Catherine and her students

30. School, merry go round

31. School kids singing

32. School, Cards, Sally and Brother To Len

33. Richard has tea with Chang, Cards, Richards approaches Catherine

34. Richard and Catherine,  Festival of the Family

35. Living together, growing together

36. Man discovers gold, Richard and teacher picnic

37. Sally and Maria, sing about trading places

38. Horses, dinner

39. Brother wants to leave, confronts Chang

40. Richard Conway meets the High Lama, Father Peril who came to The Valley of the Blue Moon in 1747

41. Richard wonders if this is real

42. Catherine sings "Where Knowledge Ends"

43. Richard asks group to trust him.  Sally sings "Reflections"

44. Maria and George

45. Sam Cornelius (Simon Cosfield) the engineer makes an aqueduct, Catherine teaching

46. Harry Lovett takes over class

47. Harry sings "Question me an Answer"

48. Harry takes bow in water, Richard & Catherine

49. "I Come to You"

50. Harry's birthday, High Lama croaks

51. Funeral lights, Maria says she is young

52. Richard and George leaving

53. Leaving down the mountain in blizzard

54. Maria turns old again

55. Brother goes crazy off cliff

56. Conway at hospital, Dr. Verden, Bill Ferguson

57. Richard goes back

58. Richard finds his way back, closing