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See article by Linda Egenes in July/August 2005 issue of
AAA Magazine "Iowa Shangri-La"

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Shangri La wpe4.jpg (822 bytes) 2.8 megabytes

In the Himalayan Mountains

Maharishi Sthapatya-Vedic Cities wpe4.jpg (822 bytes)

In Heavenly Mountain, NC

"Have you ever dreamed of a place
far away from it all?
Where the air you breathe
is soft and clean,
and children play in fields of green....

Where the winter winds will never blow
and living things have room to grow... wpe4.jpg (822 bytes) wpe6.jpg (772 bytes) MIDI

Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa is far from the stress of large cities.

The air is clean, and pollution-free high in the mountains of the community in North Carolina as well

Life has plenty of room to expand in the green pastures of the American mid west.

There is plenty of horizon to be found.

Valley of the Blue Moon

Maharishi University of Management Fairfield, Iowa  USA

"Friendly doors open wide.
Come and share the peaceful life
you will find inside.
Share the Joy ...
Love is in all things...
You may never want to leave
when it's time to go."  
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Through regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis program, one spontaneously grows in consciousness, to see others as themselves, and the Unified Field in all things, and naturally treats others kindly. 

Life becomes more of a joy.

Scientific Research: 


Reduced Conflict

wpe1B.jpg (3710 bytes)The president of Shangri-La is Chang, a graduate of Oxford University

wpeB.jpg (822 bytes) Chang tells Conway of his Oxford days

played by John Gielgud

The president of Maharishi University of Management is H.E. Bevan Morris PhD, a graduate of Oxford University.
wpeB.jpg (822 bytes)Chang: "Perfect health is the rule, and it is quite common for us to live to a very ripe old age."

Father Perrault was over 200 years old.
"She is considerably over 80 years" - Chang says of Maria

In the story, Maria, who appeared to be 20 but was over 80 years old chronologically, left Shangri-La with George and experienced rapid physiological aging.

Regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis program, including Yogic Flying, has been found to slow down the rate of the biological aging process.  Perfect health is an attainable goal.

The accumulated health benefits do not suddenly disappear, regardless of travel outside Fairfield, as long as one maintains a regular routine of meditation.  But those who have stayed regular in Fairfield for 28 years, such as the remarkably ageless faculty of M.U.M., show fewer signs of biological aging than students who have left the area.


James Shrosbree





Prof. Jim Shrosbree
Art Department

Dr. Einar Olsen
TM Instructor

Dr. Chris Jones
Education Dept.

Shangri-La Children's School

Award winning
Maharishi  School
and educational programs
"And just because you think you're small
that doesn't mean that you're small at all...
To someone else you are big...

The world is a circle without a beginning...
Everything depends on where you are...

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In the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, children are taught universally applicable principles of life, through the Science of Creative Intelligence.  They become able to comprehend such abstract concepts as infinity, self-referral, and the co-existence of opposite values.
Scientific Research: Growth of Intelligence, Broad Comprehension
"Living together, working together,
growing together"  

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Festival of the Family

The community in Vedic City is growing together towards Enlightenment.

"Let us be together,
Let us eat together,
Let us radiate truth,
the light of life together."

Scientific Research:
 Improved Relations at Work

"Taste of Utopia" Conference

Seems like we're part of two different worlds
in the way we live, more than in just a few things.
That means we both have a lot to give. wpeB.jpg (822 bytes) wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)


With the rise of consciousness, one becomes more capable of comprehending, and harmonizing a coexistence of opposite values.
"Will I find there is really such a thing
as peace of mind,
and what I thought was living
was truly just confusion,
the chance to live forever
is really no illusion,
and this all can be mine?
Why can't I make myself believe it? "  wpeB.jpg (822 bytes) wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)
Peace of mind can be quickly gained through the simple, natural, and effortless practice of the Transcendental Meditation program.
One gains deep rest as the mind settles down to the state of least excitation of consciousness. 
Scientific Research: Deep Rest, Reduced Anxiety
Doubts are natural, and do not interfere with the effectiveness of the practice, or gaining its benefits.
Maria and Sally have different views of Shangri La wpeF.jpg (822 bytes)

"Different people look at life
from different points of view"  wpeF.jpg (822 bytes) wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJGBLPXFyuA -

Knowledge is structured in consciousness

Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness.

Scientific Reseach: Field Independence

"There are things that you see.
Other things you feel.
Feelings can't be seen
Yet we never doubt they are real.

When you search for the truth
don't just use your eyes.
Look inside your self
that is where the truth always lies.

Where knowledge ends, faith begins"    wpeB.jpg (822 bytes) wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH7EPmj6oaM -

The objective means of gaining knowledge, through the scientific method, has greatly helped the development of mankind.  But   empirical observations can only go so far into the depths of life. 

Faith helps, but is not necessary (other than to take the time to practice the TM and TM-Sidhis program) to unfold deeper layers of understanding, through the subjective means of gaining knowledge.

"From the day that we're born,
we start asking why.
There is more to life,
more than it would seem meets the eye.

When you've learned all you can
there's still more to know,
things you can not prove
so you just believe they are so.

Where knowledge ends faith begins..." wpeB.jpg (822 bytes) wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)

Consciousness is naturally curious,
and seeks to know more and more in life.
At the basis of relative existence,
there is the transcendental Absolute.

The objective means of gaining knowledge
alone can be dissatisfying, as there is always
more to know. 
The subjective means of gaining knowledge
gives the fruit of all knowledge along the way.
"Question me an answer"   wpe12.jpg (822 bytes) wpe15.jpg (865 bytes) wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)

"These kids are great.  They're so imaginative!"

Harry Lovett teaches the children

Students are welcomed to question on all levels, the knower, known, and process of knowing: 
"Complete knowledge should mean total knowledge of the object of inquiry and total knowledge of the subject: total knowledge of both the known and the knower."
"Everything you do reflects on you...

Doing something for someone else,
isn't really for someone else.
It does twice as much for you,
as something you do just for yourself."   wpe12.jpg (822 bytes) wpe15.jpg (865 bytes) wpe6.jpg (772 bytes)

Reflections of M.U.M. Students

When giving knowledge, the teacher can gain as much, if not more, than the student.

Through regular practice of the TM program, one sponteously grows to experience one's individuality, and all others, as the part of the universal Self.  Doing something for someone else, literally is doing something for one's Self.

Newton's Law of Equal and Opposite Reaction, "As ye sew so shall ye reap", and the principle of karma, are expressions of a similar natural law.

I Come To You:
All my life, I've searched for something rare
Deep inside, I'm sure I always knew...


Enlightenment is a rarely achieved state of higher consciousness. But through the TM and TM-Sidhis Program, anyone can make substantial progress towards this state.

High Lama
wpe4.jpg (822 bytes)

"For when the day comes that the world begins to look for a new life, it is our belief that they will find their reservoir of hope here. So here we shall stay, with our books and our music and our meditation."

wpe4.jpg (822 bytes)

Inaugurator of the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment,
and Founder of Transcendental Meditation,
Maharishi International University,
and the Global Country of World Peace

Shangri-La and Vedic City






Ceremonial procession for the High Lama

Lights at Sthapatya-Vedic business building

Books Are Fun, Inc.

The Gratzon Mansion

Chapell, Inc.


Lost paradise high in the Himalayan Mountains

Heavenly Mountain Resort & Maharishi University of Management

THP Campus, high in the mountains of North Carolina

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